Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fun with the SolidDigi Color Image LCD Shield

If you have purchased the SolidDigi Color Image LCD Shield like the one found here then you have probably also found that even though it is very similar to the SparkFun Color LCD Shield like the one found here that there are some definite differences and incompatibilites when you try to use sketches that were created for use with the SparkFun Shield.

Well, I've taken a little time and gotten some of the libraries and sketches available for the SparkFun Shield to work with the SolidDigi Shield ... all are Arduino 1.0 compatible ... including:
  • The Color LCD Shield Library by Peter Davenport (the SparkFun version is found here).
  • The Arduino-O-scope (the SparkFun version is found here).
  • A SparkFun Sample (the Sparkfun version is found here).
  • Even some tweaks to the SolidDigi Sample to fix colors, etc.
Note: Full credit goes to the original authors of everything above ... I'm just providing some small tweaks so it works on a diffrent shield (or making some subtle changes to the original SolidDigi Sample).

If you are interested in any of this you can find the SolidDigi Shield compatible files here.

Again, I'm far from perfect doing this stuff ... but I'll try to help if you are having any problems.


02-16-2015 - Moved Libraries and Sketches to GitHub.

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